Monday, January 15, 2007

What object in your home that you posses, that you absolutely love? Blog about it.. about something you have that has special meaning to you.

i don't posses anything.... i enjoy looking at some of my favorite things. mostly are my pictures and my scrapbooks. i also have a doll that my grandma thomas got me when i was a child.. it is now in jameson's room on her mantel. i also have my great grandma porterfields dishes that i cherish. they are in a box for right now because i don't have a china cabinet to place them in. that is the next piece of furniture we are getting. i love my china and i can't wait to place it in sight, when i look at those china pieces it brings me back to good memories of grandma making her favorite dishs. loved her fried chicken and mashed potatoes and the best of all her green beans. good memories for me.

also in jamesons room there is the big frame with her first year pictures.. it was very expensive for us to get those pictures taken but i will not ever regret them. now i have them forever to cherish. and the frame is even more prettier on the wall then i thought it would be at the frame store. just love it. i didn't get those pictures taken of cole when he was smaller but i do have some of him that i also cherish.

and also my scrapbook room.. this is my place to get away and do what i love.. where i create my art. i got a small tv in here and a table for the kids to do there art or just do the playdough thing. which is all over the place. but they know they can come in here and create also.

grandma is in the hospital she feel yesterday so i will be pretty busy this week.. i am hoping i can still blog but if not i will be back soon. please put davids grandma martha jean in your prayers. this is going to be a long journey for us.. she is going to have surgery and a lot of physical therapy. she has become a very special person to me and i just hope that she gets back on her feet.. she is not the kind of person that likes to lay around.. she is a very active person. so please keep her in your prayers..

later dawgs

not long till lost is back.. stop counting weeks now counting days down 23

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Maureen said...

I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.