Tuesday, January 02, 2007

If i could travel to one special place where would that be?

my favorite website has blog challenges everyday so i thought i would do this and try it out when i really don't have much to talk about.. kind of slow here.

so if i could travel anywhere i would go to Europe. travel all over. i have always wanted to go to Venice Italy. i love how they are on top of water living and traveling in those gondalas. i find that very interesting. there steps drop off to the water.

of course Paris.. just an amazing place on tv and in books. i just can't imaging how beautiful it would be in real life. i know the french aren't very nice but who is these days. and i can't speak french. so i am in a win win situation there.

and i have always wanted to go to the holland. love the tulips and the wooden shoes that look so uncomfortable. i would also like to go to coppenhagen. i like hans christan anderson stories, yeah that sounds kind of crazy but i was in a school play and we did the one of his stories.

so a little about where i would love to go..it would take about a month to travel around europe. that is on my all time list to go to.

later dawgs

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