Sunday, December 31, 2006

happ new year!!!!!!!!!

i hope everyone has a safe night.. we are kind of under the weather. david has been sick for about 5 days now.. i wish he would get better.. i got him lots of meds but he says he still isn't feeling well. yesterday we went and got some cloths for us and looked at LCD tv's.. david has been wanting one for a while so i know how hard he has been working toward a good bonus so i told him he could go ahead and do his research and decide on one.. he is very excited about getting his TV. i just hope he is not sitting in front of it more. we were going to have to get a piece of furniture to put the tv on but we are going to use the piece we have that holds all of our dvds in and move all of our movies into the bigger one that matches.. i love those pieces of furniture we have and don't want to put them away. david is like a kid at the candy store about it.

jamesons turned 3 friday. wow where does the time go? she is kind of under the weather too. we are fighting off this cough we all have.

so stay safe everyone
and happy new year!!

later dawgs

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