Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What is one thing you wish you could relive or do over from your school days?

i love this one.. i would not have moved schools so much.. but i don't think i had much say so in that one. well i kind of did when i moved back and forth from dad's to mom's. but i should have stayed at wayne county the whole 4 years. i would have gotten to know more of the people i graduated with.. i might have even known my husband a little more. maybe have even dated him if the stars were right... christy has been my best friend after we graduated but we knew each other since middle school so maybe we had been closer friends in school..i would have tried harder at my grades and not messed around and found school not as importand as boys. gosh i am not looking forward to jameson being in high school...i wasn't a bad kid in school i never go in trouble i just liked boys.. still do.. just one now... i also would worked harder in playing softball.. i always felt like i was not good enough to play but i loved playing soft ball..

so what would you change?

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Maureen said...

I hear ya on the moving around schools alot. I was in many different schools from middle school and high school