Thursday, January 04, 2007

If you have/had any pets in your life. How did you decide on their names?

i decided on my english bulldog when i got her. ronald regan had died right about the time i got her and just decided to name her regan after him.. pretty simple and the kids liked the name too. she really doesn't look like a regan but it just stuck. love her to pieces.. i really like it when everyone is asleep and she follows me everywhere in the house.. and when she gets tired of following me around she is usually in coles room sleeping with him.. i think i will always have a english bulldawg they have this unusual personality. and they are protective of you also.


Maureen said...

She is very cute.

VoiceofReason said...

Well, i had a cat named gizmo. When we got her, the movie Gremlins was just coming out.

Oddly enough when she ran around the house meowing, it sounded like she was saying 'Mo' which is what my mother called her as a nickname.

:) just saw your entry as i was clicking through 'next blog' and i figured i'd answer.

Sharyn said...

Your bulldog is so pretty. We had a bulldog. We named him "Crockett" after a running back for the Oakland Raiders. It was a perfect name for him because of the way he would play. Bulldogs and pugs have been my 2 favorite pets. We really miss Crockett.