Friday, January 05, 2007

What is one craft you wish you could learn in 2007?

One craft.. do i have time? i wish i could doodle. i just can't doodle or draw. i used to draw trees all the time but now that i have gotten older i can't draw nothing.. i can't write either. my handwriting is aweful but i handwrite on my layouts for the history of it. one day the kids will enjoy my handwritten thoughts.. or at least i hope they do.. i love my sister rachael's handwriting. wish i had her handwriting qualities. then maybe i could doodle. i am not much into others crafts, or i just don't have time to do other crafts. i used to cross stitch but i have a hard time with my hands so have to use my hands for more important things now.

later dawgs.


Lynn said...

I hear you on the doodling! I wish I was good at it also. And forget about my handwriting. It is horrible also. I'll have to work on that. Good luck with yours

EquineSpirit said...

Doodling is a lot of fun! Like scrapbooking everyone has their own style and there are no right or wrong ways to doodle. Of course we're our own worst critics which makes it tough...LOL! I love to draw and doodle and drew a pencil drawing of two horses for a friend of mine. I thought it wasn't even close to my best work but she loved it. She showed everyone and boy was I embarrassed...LOL.

Maureen said...

I would like to learn how to doodle more myself. I cant draw at all. As for handwritting I hate my own. But dont most people.

jesupladybug said...

If I could learn one craft in 2007 it would be sewing. My mom could sew and when I was growing up she made a lot of my clothes which I didn't really appreciate properly at the time. Now I see that she made those clothes with lots of love. She tried to teach me but neither one of us had enough patience. I was spoiled and she was high strung so I never really learned to sew. My paternal grandmother was a master quilter; so I wish I knew how to quilt too. She started quilting when she was four years old. I have one quilt that she quilted for me and I love it.

When I was growing up I doodled a lot and later I also painted and sold some of my painting hopefully one day I can get back into that.

Once upon time I had pretty good penmanship but I don't know what happened to it. :)