Saturday, January 06, 2007

fIf you have a favorite flower. What is this flower and explain why its your favorite.

favorite flower, i love so many.. tulip. i love tulips i love the sweet smell of them in the house in the spring. i love how they look so delicate to touch and so simple to look at. when they come into season i try to get some for the house, they do last a good while so i can enjoy them probably longer than i can a rose. when david and i were dating he sent me a vase full of tulips and other flowers. his favorite flower is tulips too. i also like the lily that is in the bulb family too. it is kind of similar but not the same.

others that i really love are roses, pink dogwoods, hydrangaes, japanese maganolia, bird of paradise and more.. i really do love flowers so it is hard to choose.

you can't go wrong with flowers though. i don't get many from david but it is alright they die anyway. usually for valentines day i ask for a planted rose so i can look at the roses all year long.

have a great weekend..
later dawgs


Noelia said...

I love tulips too, I have some yellow ones on my kitchen table as I type this. TFS

jesupladybug said...

My favorite flowers is voilets. When I was growing up voilets grew wild in the woods. I would go walking and when I saw the voilets blooming I always knew that spring was on the way. I would always pick a bouquet for mama and she would be so happy. Everytime I see voilets I think about those days when I was kid and picking those voilets for my mom.