Saturday, January 13, 2007

what is your fave comfort food?

i Love soup.. any kind of soup..chicken, vegetable, dumplings, chilli, and tomato are some of my favs. i like chicken when i don't feel good. and the kids like tomato cause david makes grilled cheese with tomato and i have to say david does make a killer grilled cheese..

i love food, there are so many foods i love but during the winter i like to cook soup. i cook all kinds and then i freeze the rest and have it for dinner on another night. so those nights i don't want to cook i pull out soup..

so this weekend gonna try to do some scrapbooking. gotta a design team i want to enter into. but also i need your prayers right now. i am going through something i just don't know how to handle. i am trying to make a good choice about my decisions but not sure what to do. yet..
also keep my best friend christy in your prayers too. i miss her so very much since she has gone to cali for school and i know she is having a hard time being apart from her boyfriend. i can't wait till she is home for good..

later dawgs

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