Friday, January 12, 2007

What are you listening to lately?

i love love love music. when i am at work i listen to podcast and my music on my ipod. if it wasn't for music i would go crazy at work. music makes the day go by faster and i get alot of work done in the process.
what is on my ipod.. well i have about 1500 songs on there. some are

radiohead- oh i love this music
cary brothers
dashboard confessional
the fray
gwen stefani
jack johnson
rob thomas- love his music gets me going

i like a variety of music but these i can listen to all the time and never get tired of listening to there music.. my ultimate favorite is probably coldplay. it makes me just feel good.. rob thomas makes me wanna just jump up and down and shake it.. gwen well what can i say.. she is just awesome. love her music.
have a great friday..

later dawgs

1 comment:

Heather said...

great selection of music! My husband would be lost without his iPod at work too!