Thursday, January 18, 2007

List your fave musical artists from 1 thru 10

1... Coldplay- do i need to say more?
2. Radiohead- one of my favs is creep
3.. Madonna grew up listening and still do.. Caught up..
4....Josh Groban- kind of silly but love his voice especially ava maria
5... U2 still great after all these years.. vertigo and one.
6.. Otis Redding.. well i do have to spice it up
7... The Killers.. oh gosh i love them..
8... Keith Urban.. just listen to his music and take it in..
9.. The Cure i love 80's music.
10.. Depeech Mode.. yeah still good..

these are my all favs i can listen to there music over and over again and not get tired of it.. and i do.. yeah i could add more but the list would be long.. i might have missed one but these are the ones i go back to. so if you get any free tickets in the future to these groups please take me.. especially to coldplay. i think i would have my finger nail taken off to see them.. or radiohead they are coming out with a new album this year i am really looking forward to that..

music makes me feel good on those bad days.. so listening to any of these get me going..

later dawgs

1 comment:

Heather said...

I love 9 and 10! I still can't listen to Madonna though! Brings back to many middle school memories of big hair, leggings and lace bow things!