Saturday, April 29, 2006

loose tooth

Yesterday cole came home and said his tooth was loose. the top one and he was trying all day to pull it out but he just couldn't get it.. he even used a wet wash cloth and got it a little loose but no luck... i was really hoping he would get it before we left to go to his ballgame.. but it was no use.. so today he called me and said he came out and now he cannot find it... i will post more pictures of him with his tooth gone but this one was really cute..

only 7 days away to serenity!!!!!! can't wait...

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ladybugLillian said...

I enjoyed our visit today. Cole's missing tooth and he seemed to really enjoy the horses and books. I hope you enjoy your scrapbook stuff and Jameson likes her little 'book'. I will miss you all the next two days. I love you bunches. Later :)