Friday, May 19, 2006

where is your blog???

challenge for today!!!! open your own blog so i can read and look at whatever is on your mind... i love reading about people and i read ALOT of blogs.. people are so interesting in there element.. and for me it is a relaxing.. and it is really fun.. i don't feel good if i don't blog everyday.. i have always kept a journal and so this is really the easiest way to keep a journal for myself.. and i get to post pictures.. and some of you have myspace but i really HATE myspace.. there is to much to do for myspace and i feel a little to old for all that stuff.. so why not have your own blog??? do it and then let me know so i can learn more about you.. there is so much to learn from everyone.. i bet there is something you learned from me on my blog... i bet there is..

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heather said...

So I did open up a new blog- I had to in order to be able to post comments... But i DO use myspace bulletins a lot.. I mean A LOT! to vent and all that good stuff!! but my blog spot is! So you can go read about my great weekend! It was good to see yall last night! I have a PRECIOUS picture of Jameson and Cole from last night!!