Saturday, May 20, 2006

coles last day of school

coles last day of school was so much fun.. they had field day and it was all about getting wet.. they had so much fun.. they went from one activity to the other.. the activity lasted about 10 minutes. i took about 100 pictures.. i wanted to capture all of it.. at the end the firemen came out with there hoses and wet all the kids and some of the teachers too!! so this is the picture of them getting wet.. i was really kind of sad cause cole had a really good teacher this year.. so school is over till august.. he is gone for a while with his dad and then he will be around so if anyone wants to spend some time with him let me know.. he will be at a friends when david and i both have to work.. going to take jameson swimming in her little pool today so i will post pictures tomorrow of her in her cute bathing suit..

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heather said...

Awh that picture reminds me of when I was little! That looks like SO much fun! I'm glad he had a good time too!! I wish you and Jameson couldve came to the house swimming, but maybe sometime soon yall will be able to!