Thursday, May 18, 2006

getting an ipod

i can't wait to get this.. i put one of layaway today... and the right color too.. i love anything black.. well except licorice...but i have been wanting one for a while so i treated myself to a layaway for it.. i have about 900 songs now on my playlist so i am ready for an ipod.... and now i can download my favorite shows like greys, lost and desperate housewives... and probably many more.. oh the office since i don't get a chance to watch that... can't wait... it is going to take me a while but i will get it.. have to slack off my scrapbook supplies for a while but that is well worth it.. i mean well worth it... so i am having issues with tires lately.. don't know what is going on with tires we are spending a lot of money of tires... david had a flat tire on his care then the spare went flat now i am having a flat and the tires are under warantee thank god cause if not we would not have food on the table.. just kidding>>ha ha... so now i am driving on the doughnut until i can get a new tire in.. that will be about 4-7 days.. and i have to drive to screven everyday to go to work.. that is really going to suck well gotta do it.. hopefully it will be here before memorial day weekend.. hopefully.... well so much for today.. until next time... happy trials.... GO TAYLOR GO!!!!!

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