Wednesday, May 31, 2006

good picture of us

heather took this picture of us... thank goodness i finally found it on my puter..i couldn't find it..this was taken on saturday at the pool...if you don't know the pool wasn't completely full but we took advantage of it did finally get water in it but the kids had fun playing in the half way pool for a while.. me and david don't have that many pictures of us together so more the merrier...thanks heather..

the other pic is cole sliding down the sliding board.. i love shows how much fun he really had on the sliding board.. i know when we were younger we had lots of fun on has been around a long time.. i mean a long used to be at my grandmas pool back when i was a that must tell you something...

i will keep posting pictures from this weekend so hold on people!!!!!

1 comment:

heather said...

I love those pics! I can't wait to see some more!! Love you!