Friday, June 02, 2006

it is hot

today i went and took jameson to dr smith and i was thrilled to know that she didn't have to do that allergy test....he said that her chest was not full of that mucus stuff but her sinus cavities were and that he didn't think she needed thank god!!!! i didn't want anymore meds for her.. i hate that she is taking 3 different meds...i think kids are so over medicated..and sometimes things need to take there course.. so that is done.... cole had to go through all of that when he was jamesons age and i really hated it...and now he has no problems... huh i wonder why??? i think it is just a growing thing... the kids in jamesons class have runny noses too so i think it is a stage..but what do i know i am just a dr smith only prescribed her one med and that is it.. i can handle that.. and the other two she takes until gone and then we will see what happens... i also think that this old house is not good either...i was thinking of looking into a air cleaner.. maybe that will help too...

i hope the plans this weekend consists of staying cool cause it is hot outside!!!and it is not any cooler in here.. it is so hard to cool this house..i love this house but it sure comes with a lot of headaches too!!!

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