Sunday, June 04, 2006

i love to be outside

we went to the park friday afternoon and these are some of the pictures i took of the kids...they were sliding down the BIG slide together..thank goodness my camera is fast i didn't have a lot of time to get this picture together but i love it.. love the angle and there smiles..
it seems like we just need to pitch a tent outside and live out there...we are never inside during this hot weather..we went to nana's pool saturday and sunday...saturday afternoon we went over to river and hollys and picked them up...we had a full house with them there...we had lots of fun with them.. the kids just love them...i was so busy with them that i didn't even get out my camera...not a good mama!!! we had a great time sunday too we went to childrens church and made kites cause this sunday is penetocast(?)...and we celebrated our churches birthday..we ate lunch at pappy and mamos and then off we went back to nana's pool with river and holly...they had so much fun with us, i hate to take them home...they get along so well with jameson and cole..they never fight and they most of the time share...and right now that is a big deal...i mean big deal with a 2 year old...well hope everyone else had a great time this weekend too....

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