Wednesday, June 14, 2006

fathers day my dad

since fathers day is coming up i want to give a thanks to the many fathers out there....but i am kind of bias when it comes to dads...well he is the only one i have...i just can't say enough about how great he is..supportive and a great grandpa..always there when i need new tires...he was there when i needed someone to keep cole while i was working my second job...i could depend on him when i needed a friend or and ear...although i know sometimes he wished i would shut up... i learned the best gift is your time and he taught me that in a little card i got a couple of years ago... he is always busy but he does find the time to spend with you... i truely love my every way...i know it was not easy working 2 jobs and raising a family but i think we all turned out just right....last year we went to the beach for fathers day and i just hope we get to spend time with him at the beach this year...i know if dad wanted anything he would want to just relax and enjoy life...and take it easy...

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