Monday, June 19, 2006

fathers day

wow this weekend was busy....we went to statesboro saturday to celebrate walters birthday...then sunday we went to the beach and celebrated fathers day with my dad...and he is doing what he loves to grill chicken....i forgot my camera at the beach but i did take some pics when we got back to dads house...will post eventually...but had a great time..i think fathers and dads are not appreciated enough...they are the men that make our sons men and our daughters there little girls forever...i think right now in my life all my family are happy...and that is more than i can ever ask sisters have found guys that make them happy and that is what i have always wanted for them...and my dad has found someone right now i am really enjoying looking at there happy faces and knowing they are truely happy... i mean that is what we live for happiness and this fathers day was really good for me...david had to work but we made the best of the day we could spend with him...cooked breakfast for him and got him a really nice drill set that he wanted....i didn't get to see richard for fathers day but i will make that up this week..hope everyone has a happy monday.... me i took the day off to clean the house and catch up on the reunion this weekend...and you know how i am i don't want anyone to see a dirty gotta go clean the floors and such....

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