Monday, May 29, 2006

Great weekend

I just got home and loaded pictures from this weekend... wow what a weekend i had..we don't do much like go on a lot of trips around the world or take vacations to other places..but for me it is the simple things i love most...seeing the smiles on there faces and coming home and they are wore out from a good time....i wish i could upload the video i have of jameson dancing but i couldn't.. so here is one with jameson and wendy at the beach on memorial day...jameson wanted her picture taken of her feet dangling from wendy's chair.. it was really funny...then the one with cole is at sandy's pool on saturday... sunday we really just rested our sun burns and got things ready for today... we did play in the sprinklers some on sunday just to stay cool... hope everyone had a great memorial day weekend.. thank our heros please!!!!!

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jesupladybug said...

Loved your pictures from Memorial Day weekend. Glad you and the kids had good weather and a good time at the beach and you got home safe and sound.

Did you work today? My work was crazy. I'm so behind it is not funny. We have registration Thursday do I might try to come down for a little while tomorrow if I leave work at a normal time so we can talk about Sunday.