Wednesday, June 28, 2006

family reunion

I am not much into getting together with people i don't know...I feel really uncomfortable with people i don't know, i guess i have been very shy all of my life.. now that i am married to someone that doesn't really care about that sort of thing is not really that easy...david doesn't introduce me to his family so it gets a little uneasy for me to go up to people and introduce this weekend was a good time.. although there were alot of relatives i didn't know..if i could wish on some things that would be one of them.. to just be like david and go up to anyone and talk with them...i have always had a problem with being shy... i just hope cole and jameson aren't shy like i am cause it is really a pain in the ass..

i know the kids had a good time in the water and with there cousin the picture is of cole holding how they are both smiling...and jameson she was holding her hand everywhere..i guess she was just happy to see someone her size..i will post more pictures coming soon..


jesupladybug said...

Love the picture. Had a great time and thanks for all you did this weekend to make it special. Your potato salad, deviled eggs and cheese dip was yummy. Don't worry about being shy just be who you are.

heather said...

Love the picture of Cole! That's so precious! I can't wait to see the rest of them! OH and I hope Jameson's overalls fit! Sorry I couldn't deliver them! I have felt bad lately and Timothy just got home and you know how that is! Love you and hope to see you SOON!!