Monday, April 16, 2007

What's your fave beverage of choice?

love this question..
in the mornings i love coffee.. i love gourmet coffee especially.. with cream.. the international coffee cream.. not the powder..

i am in love with sam's choice is really good and not that expensive.. i buy at least 2 of these a week. and sometimes i have to make my own.. so lots of lemons in this house..

i love coke.. i mean who doesn't but i try to only drink one at work.. i can drink more but i usually won't.. we have a ice machine at work so i will get water after that first coke..

sweet tea is great too.. but i love it with lemons also..

ever since i was pregnant with jameson i have loved lemons with everything.. just not by themselves.. lemons in anything i really love except my coffee.. not so good with that..

later dawgs..
getting some layouts done.. so will post later this week with them..


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