Thursday, April 05, 2007

busy busy busy

wow this week has flown by for me.. i have been so busy with the kids getting them ready for easter and cole baseball practice and everything that comes with it.. i am really wiped out also.. tomorrow will be friday and the dedication to the boardwalk here in town for davids papa.. someone i really miss.. but i feel his spirit alot and i know this boardwalk/ nature trail is going to be something i will also enjoy also.. so i am really looking forward to that tomorrow.. saturday is going to be busy also.. i gotta get an outfit for easter, gotta make some carrot cakes, and mow the grass hopefully.. so it is going to be a busy one this weekend..
so a little pic for the upcoming easter season..

i went to pick jameson up from school this afternoon and all the kids had there rabbit face on.. so cute.. jameson was moving her mouth around like a bunny too.. to cute..

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heather said...

So these are the type pictures I LOVE for you to post! She is too precious! I can't wait to see yall on Sunday!