Wednesday, April 25, 2007

it is smoky here!!!!!

the fires are still burning in waycross.. and right now we are getting some smoke from somewhere.. i thought it was at my in laws house went down there to check and there is nothing burning there.. thank goodness.. i get a little worried being around all these fields that they could catch on fire real easy right now since it is so dry here.. we need some rain really bad here..

went today to get some blood work done and going to see the dr friday.. my hands have been giving me some trouble for a while now.. getting real worried.. i just don't have the strength in them anymore.. it is getting to the point where i can't pick the coffee pot up.. and that means i have to get something done about this.. i can't hardly get jameson out of her carseat sometimes.. i just don't have the grasp to push things and hold things.. when i went and got my blood drawn the nurse knew i was nervous and yeah i was.. it takes nurses forever to get my blood.. they have a hard time finding my veins.. and usually they have to take it out from on top of my hand and that really hurts so i was praying they would not have to do that today.. so had a great nurse that got some blood from my arm.. thank goodnes..

so here are my latest layouts.. some i admitted to some contests and some on 2peas..enjoy..

later dawgs

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