Monday, April 30, 2007

surprise i'm pregnant...

yeah i was surprised friday when i found out.. went to the dr about my hands and he drew some blood wenesday and friday i had my appointment.. so i asked him did you do a test to see if i was pregnant.. he said no but we can if you like.. well i was going to have to have xrays so i thought i might be a good idea.. plus i was having the signs of being pregnant.. so they didn't have one at the office so i went to walmart to tell david what was going on and that i might be pregnant he was like okay just let me know.. so i went home toke the test and it said i was pregnant.. called david and told him.. he was happy and i was shocked.. had to sit and take it all in. that we were going to be a larger family..

so i am tired and i am nauseas most of the morning and daytime.. more tired in the daytime.. i have been napping as much as i can.. and i am not working as much because of my hands.. hoping my obgyn will let me go to the chiroprator for my neck.. the doctor said i had something to do with a disk so i gotta get the okay from my obgyn first...

so saturday is national scrapbook day and i am really excited to be there all day. so looking forward to that too..

later dawgs..

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heather said...

I'm so excited about the baby!! Surprise! You are so right about that~ I have been wanting to come to some of Cole's games and I promise I'm going to make it to one SOON! So tell him I'm coming.. I love y'all and will see you soon!!!