Tuesday, June 24, 2008


been busy trying to decide on which layout i am going to post for the finals.. i had one started then started another one.. and now i am doing a 3rd.. so going to finish them tomorrow and post one.. this time i have a back up.. this is the first to do more than one but i am so nervous about which one to post.. posting 2 more layouts today..

1st oreo Ivy really didn't eat the cookie at all just gnawed on it for a while..
Bike Day..


Sarah C. said...

Beautiful pages, Tonya! Ivy is so cute w/ that face of Oreo crumbs. :D tfs!

Kristii said...

Love your layout Tonya!! I can't believe how big Ivy is!!! She is soooo sweet! I miss the DW challenge!! I wish there were more hours in the day. I always mean to stop by there, but my kids always accuse me of being connected to the computer, lol!!
Take care girl!! It is so good to see you!!