Sunday, June 29, 2008


just got home from church.. and man it feels good to have a priest now.. i felt the "welcome" in the air. been a while for me to feel good about going to church or being there.. i don't think it has to do with who was filling in, I just have been not fulfilled at all. i hate to admit that but it is true.. when father chris left it was devastating for me. i felt so attached to him and his family that i learned a great deal with him leaving... so yeah i feel good today about going to church and being there. i miss father chris and now i think that father lee is going to fit us as a congregation so well..

okay this weekend has been the ice cream social so i am going to post some layouts during the week.. i have done a good bit. and i also find out about the finals tomorrow (i hope) and the design team for Scrapperie.. i applied for the design team. having a blast at that website.. i feel right at home there.. so if you aren't seeing me around 2peas it is because i am at scrapperie. (sorry dw girls but i will be back to chat)..i don't know what it is about scrapperie but it is something there that i really love.. everyone is not afraid to chat and try to get to know you.. okay for the nonscrapbookers this is so boring..

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