Saturday, June 14, 2008


tomorrow is the big day.. if i make it or not.. i can't wait to post it here and at 2peas.. well i finally got some layouts done late last night.. will post those today.. i have been taking this class and i really love it and these layouts are from the sketches from Got sketches 101..

It seems like we have been at the pool all week.. i feel so fried.. and i wear sunscreen.. being in the sun for 4 hours will do that to you.. so taking a break from the sun today.. David is off tonight so we are having some shish kabobs and corn on the cob.. and i am going to make one of those mojitos that Kim had on her blog.. just minus the mint leaves.. i made them with the mint leaves and like the taste but not in my drink..

If you don't know by now i have a hard time with boy layouts.. i don't want to add flowers or anything girly on Cole's layouts.. so getting some stuff in the mail soon that is very boyish.. scrapbook companies make more things girly than boyish.. i don't want Cole to say one day i put pink in his layouts.. so i am very careful when i am doing his pages.. so that is why i don't do as many... and some have other peoples kids and i will not post them on any website.. if i do i scribble out the faces....

okay enough for today... going to make me a mojito now.


Kim said...

your pages are gorgeous!
how did the mojitos turn out??

Jules said...

Love your designs and love mojitos honey makes them so mighty fine! Love your blog and thanks for visiting mine!

Pat said...

These are so pretty!!

Sandy said...

Tonya your design are so good!!!! I love the pics and the pics of ivy in the chair are aqwesomer she is growing so fast.... I miss them, we need t6o get together some time this week and cook burgwers or something... love you