Monday, June 04, 2007

it rained this weekend!!

Saturday we went to savannah to pick up our prepared meals from supper studio.. got some really good meals..
we had our first meal saturday night.. really good stuff.. it rained on us the whole time we were in savannah.. we wanted to look at some cars but it rained so hard we just could not look inside or anything.. we would get soaked just to go out and look at one for a minute or two.. so not good.. so we came home and the kids and david played outside in the rain.. i got some really good pictures of them throwing mud and jameson in her underware playing in the rain.. really cute

I am feeling better.. i got some different medicine that doesn't make me sit inside and not go out in the sun either.. richard and lillian have a pool and i haven't been able to go swimming because of the meds i was taking.. got those changed but i haven't had to take it because i really don't have it much.. i did have some cramps and some sickness sunday.. not sure why.. but i feel good today so that is a good thing.. just taking it day by day with the morning sickness..

By the way if you aren't watching Soprano then what are you watching?? oh my goodness i was shocked last night..i can't wait till next sunday when the finale of this show and that is it..i am a little sad.. well very sad.. on memorial day i was not feeling well and i watched sopranos all day long till i went to sleep monday night watching reruns of this show on A&E.. i love this show. not as much as LOST but it is my second place.. it is one of the best shows ever on TV..

here are some pics

later dawgs..

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heather said...

I love the pictures and I'm SO glad you are feeling better! I'm sorry I missed you last week! Hope to see you soon! Love you!