Wednesday, July 23, 2008


posting some layouts
and spending time at home.. David hurt his back last week and so he has been taking it easy.. he can't pick ivy up.. and ivy is teething so not much sleep for her lately.. although i have found if i give her motrin at night she sleeps better.. last week i was so exhausted from staying up with her.. she would wake up and scream for 2 hours.. rubbing oragel and ice helped but still she screamed..

this week seems better for me.. i have some energy and some things off my back that have been bothering me..

sorry about the blurry photos.. i think someone was messing with my settings on my camera.. i have to read that big ole manual to find out what is wrong..


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Kim said...

Tonya... yum! More scrappy inspiration for me :) I love your stuff! Can't wait to get home and play again!
How's Ivy doing with the teething?