Wednesday, July 16, 2008

i have been tagged from Lori

okay i gotta do this before anything else..

10 years ago i was pregnant with Cole.. living in Hinesville with Coles dad Josh.. working for a landscape company and at reedy creek restaurant.. wow can't believe it has been that long ago..

Five things to do today
1. do the dishes
2. put my cloths away
3. update my blog
4. play bingo at scrapperie
5. relax

Snack I enjoy granola bars, ice cream, love salt and vinegar potato chips

Things I would do if a Millionaire pay my medical bills off, get a bigger car, buy a home, give to family that are in need, give to my church, help a friend that is having some hard times, go on a disney cruise with the kids, then take a vacation with David..

Places I have lived Georgia, North Carolina and Hawaii

not going to tag anyone.. don't want to make anyone do something they don't want to do..

well i don't have any photos on my new computer so it is kind of boring until i can get photos on here and do some new layouts.. i am working on that.. David has been on vacation so not getting much done around the house or scrapbooking..

also i had to add the permission onto my comments for a while.. getting alot of spam comments and not very nice stuff.. hope that stops.. i can't find out where you can report it either.. so for right now i had to do that..

okay later everyone have a great hump day..

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