Thursday, April 27, 2006

big brother

Sometimes i wish i had a big brother.. cole is such a wonderful big brother.. he loves to agrivate jameson and he also says how much he loves her on a daily basis.. until he gets older and understands what kind of love it is to have a sibling.. i don't know who i would be without my sisters and brother..

i am really going to be glad when inventory is over... i really want my husband back.. seems like the walmart aliens have captured him for inventory and when it is over (wesnesday) i will get him back.. i can't wait!!! i could really use the help with 2 kids running around crazy.. cole is going to be gone the next 2 weekends and then next week josh will be home from iraq and he will be there for a whole week. i really miss him when he is gone and jameson she is not the same either. it is just not our perfect home when he isn't around. i do love the break but i hate it. in the mornings i usually go and wake him up first and cuddle a little with him or just tickle him. and that really gets my day started in a good mode (most of the time) i am going to miss those mornings when he is gone.. but i am happy that his dad is going to be home, cole is really excited to see him.. so next friday he is not going to be at his baseball game because he is picking up his dad from the airport..

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