Tuesday, April 25, 2006

my grandparents

there is something about grandparents.. i just love being around them, i sit on the bar stool and just watch and listen to grandma. i love watching her cook and i have even learned a few things from watching her cook.. i just feel really revived when i come home from being at there house. i don't have to worry about anything when i am in athens.. i just feel the love as soon as i walk in there house. they are getting older and i just cannot think them not being here.. so i feel like i need to go to athens as much as i can so my kids will feel the same love i have felt all these years. to me they stand still in time.. i just love them both so much.. and nothing really matters when you are around them. and they truely care about your life and the lives of my kids. grandpa was mad i didn't bring any pictures of the kids so i am going to have to get some pictures together and send them a bunch at a time.. i just hope that i am the grandma that my grandmother is.. i cherish those moments so much.

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heather said...

That is a precious picture of Jameson and Grandma!