Monday, April 24, 2006

back from athens

I took this really good picture of cole when we were in athens this weekend. he was fishing and the sun was going down and you could see the essence of the sunset on his face.

we had a good time in athens.. although the kids were a handful. i got some good pictures of grandma and grandpa with the kids also. those will be on my blog later this week. hope everyone else had a good weekend too.

i got home yesterday and the house was a mess, i was pretty ticked off. i drove 4 hours then got home and had to clean the house. i just don 't understand my husband at all. i left the house clean on friday.. oh well that is just the way the ball bounces i guess.

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heather said...

Cole looks more like you here than he ever has in my opinion! I see that Strickland in him here!!! He's precious! I love yall so much! Tell Cole I am going to try to come see him play baseball again SOON and give everyone hugs and kisses for me!! ♥ YOU!