Friday, April 21, 2006

off to athens i go

I love this picture of jameson and greg.. see men do have a soft side for little girls. Hope you like this one too greg, oh and hope you are doing better!!

going to athens today i am so so so excited to go see my grandparents.. it is like another home for me.. all the way there all i think about is getting there and having some of that good ole sweet tea my grandma makes. it is the best tea i have ever drank. sometimes on the way back home she makes me a big ole gallon of it. she knows i love her tea. i must be the water.. well i am going to my strickland family reunion.. i have being doing a lot of geneaology over the last year and have found some really interesting stuff and of course some things you really don't want to know but that is what family is about.. we are all not perfect in this world.. so getting the kids ready is not that fun and driving with them in the car is not that fun either but i got my handy dandy DVD player for them to watch movies on the way there. hey wish we had that when we were going back and forth to athens every other weekend. well we did a lot of punch buggy and things like that to occupy us. now i can probably drive to athens with my eyes shut. but i won't the kids are in the car. well off i go see you soon on my blog. i hope everyone enjoys my blog. since we don't talk all the time you can catch up reading my blog...

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