Thursday, April 20, 2006

more on easter.

Cole on easter morning. He picked my roses that morning too. I don't really care, but he loves to pick flowers and weeds for the ones he loves. Jameson didn't want to take a picture with him.. just like her... well i wanted to post this cute picture of him so everyone could see how handsome he was on easter morning. how precious.

this morning i was listening to the radio. it was a call in thing and the subject was if you could keep replaying something over and over again what would it be? well i have been serious thinking about this all day and i came to the conclusion that it would be a lot of things. i love the moments when cole puts his arm around me in church and tells me how much he loves me. or maybe the first kiss i got from david... that is another blog someother time.. or christmas morning with all my loved ones around happy.. i really love it on christmas morning.. or when jameson is swinging on the swing with that laughter in the air. that will be tomorrows picture.. or maybe when cole and i were baptised.. i waited so long for that moment and cole and i were basptised at the same time... i have been pondering this question all day.. i have so many good memories. i have to be so thankful for so many things..

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