Monday, April 03, 2006

what a beautiful weekend

We had the most beautiful weekend in weeks here.. It was in the 80's here.. The bees and the butterflies were out doing there jobs. And it was a busy weekend. we went to a reunion on saturday and sunday we went to my hubby's dads house. both rides were about 2 hours. so traveling with 2 kids is not fun at all. thursday we are going to atlanta to the aquarium and to see my hubby's sister. so i think we are going to invest in a dvd for the car i just can't take the fussing and fighting anymore. i just hope the movie thing works because that is a long ride back home it is about a 5 hour drive so gotta take lots of movies.. my son has spring break and my hubby he has vacation so it is working out real well that they can spend so men time together. i just hope i can get some me time pretty soon. i just feel like i am going to snap sometimes with everything that is going on and places i have to go, ballgames, school, work, daycare, trying to lose weight so much going on i can't believe i have time to do my blog..
well later

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