Thursday, September 07, 2006

gotta a dryer???

well got home from the cruise was doing laundry and my dryer died...yes it gotta get a new one..not really looking forward to doing the shopping around for it and finding the right one...but gotta have one.. my laundry is pilling up.. and i really hate that..i am the type that loves clean cloths.. i love the smell of new cloths too.. right when they get out of the dryer...i love anything that smells clean.. yeah even bleach sometimes..and when i do the laundry i fold and pile in the kids piles and then that is when i hate to take them to there desired area.. i just hate putting cloth away.. maybe it is the smell i don't want to miss.. oh god this sounds so cheezy...well just thought i would pass on a little something about me.. i like things clean....

so big brother is coming on and of course my cable is come cable is out when something really good is coming on and you don't want to miss out... it always happens to me..and i really want to know what is going on since i don't have time to read everything on the web about it..i am kind of glad will is gone but kind of not.. he made that show really funny..especially in the diary room...but chill town asked for it...the girls are in control..well i hope they are..

and this weekend is going to be a great college football weekend...some really good games..ohio and texas is going to be on the same time georgia is playing so i am gonna have to switch back and forth..well maybe not if uncle larry is telling me the score...(that is larry munson for all of you non football fans)...georgia is playing south carolina and that is going to be a real good game too..

so gonna post more pictures today...

later dawgs

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