Thursday, November 09, 2006

christmas ideas for the kids

so i thought i might post some ideas for the kids here... people have been asking what to get the kids for christmas so i will make some kind of list..

cole he likes legos right now and i did get him the pirates of the carribean legos.. he likes those video games you connect to your tv... he loves movies.. and yes still likes john deere..
they both like play dough and it doesn't take long for that to be gone.. and i do have a table they can leave it out so it dries up when they don't put it up. that is why it goes pretty fast.. cole is reading now and he loves to read books to you.. i know that sounds cheesey but it is true he loves to whatever he can to you.. the kids like to dress up into costumes too.. especially cole he has put that pirate costume on a million times.. he likes to play football and baseball...

jameson likes dolls.. she likes to draw and color... books on bugs or anything with animals..her favorite movies are bambi and the little mermaid so if there is anything like that she really likes those characters..her and cole are pretty happy with just about anything.. the simple things they like..

just some ideas.. i am going to ask cole what he really wants also.. he will let me know what he wants also..

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