Monday, September 04, 2006

more pictures from the cruise

seems like things are back to normal... the kids are fighting and arguing...back to normal... the first picture is a shipwreck in the bahamas the second picture is christy, me and donna on the yellow bird...we really had a great time on that...we rode on the yellow bird and drank all the rum punch you want then they take you to blackbeards island..where there is a beach..we got in the water most of the time.. there was about an hour spent on the beach...then get back on the yellow bird and party even more with limbo..seemed like everyone was wanting to play limbo on the way back..... that was the best time we had on the trip to me...i had a blast that day...nassau was really time i am going to take the tour to atlantis...that is what i really wanted to see...but getting into a taxi didn't seem to safe for me, especailly with 4 women... more pictures coming tomorrow hopefully....

see ya dawgs

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