Sunday, September 03, 2006

i'm back!!!!!

I had a great time on the cruise... i got to relax and see things i have never seen before... there is so much to do you can't do everything... but i had a blast...this was the first time i left my family and it was really hard.... i miss the kids and david so much.. i realized how important family really is...i know i am a little seasick too...and mostly that i have a best friend that loves me no matter what... thanks christy for putting up with me when i wasn't so nice....i got cranky...and not to leave your husband at home too... next time i go i want david and christy and her man to come.. i think that would be a better idea...yeah i have a best girlfriend but david is my life and i would never leave him home again...everything we did i knew david would of had a blast too... so i am glad to be back i still am swaying like i am on the boat and unpacked so back to the real world....

i will post more pictures this week... and hopefully i can get christys too and post some of those too...we took ALOT of pictures... and some videos but i can't post them.....

oh and GO DAWGS!!!!! it is time.... yeah!!!!!!!

see ya dawgs

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