Saturday, December 02, 2006

had a weird dream

i had a weird dream the other night and i wanted to journal it before i forgot.. well it was friday morning so i slept sometime that night.. to me i feel dreams are a passage way to things unknown.. i feel sometimes they maybe communication from the other side.. okay maybe i am sick? no i have heard this from other people too..

well my dream was with my grandma thomas and jameson.. i could smell that perfume she wore JOY.. so many things she was playing with jameson and being herself. it is like she tapped me on the shoulder and said hey tonya i am still here.. i see you. the dream was real to me.. so i woke up told david about it and he just well blew it off. i didn't. well then last night i was watching late tv cause i couldn't sleep and the commerical came on where she lived when she died.. it is called THE VILLAGE in florida.. is there really something around you? do the dead look over you? maybe they do. maybe i am crazy. i don't know. i just felt i needed to put this in my blog so i don't forget..

yeah my grandma thomas isn't even close to what my other grandma strickland is like but i do remember alot of stuff that grandma thomas did with me and my sisters and james.. i remember all the books she read to us.. especially Cinderella.. she tooks us swimming, taught us how to swim. took us to our favorite places to eat.. and she did love us, and i knew she always had to love of chocolate. she had a special drawer for her chocolate. she did have the nicer things in life but there was never a moment when i didn't feel loved by her. i have one special picture i cherish with her and cole that i adore and the letters we wrote back to on another. i still have all of that and cherish them.

i just wish my mom was that way to my children. read to there grandchildren and do all the things i don't let my kids do.. that is what grandparents do. and one day i will bring those memories to my grandkids.. cause now more than ever i miss all of my grandparents that have died and gave me those memories.

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