Thursday, September 21, 2006

hey ya'll

sorry everyone been busy with the family lately... alot going on..

davids cousin john and jennifer there house caught on fire from her car and really destroyed there house.. burned alot of stuff and then there was smoke damage to everything in there house.. then johns truck caught on fire on saturday.. please keep them in your prayers.. they really need it right now... they are going through so much right now... and the boys were having a hard time breathing and runny noses from all the smoke in the house.. they just built that house and haven't lived there very long.. my heart just goes out to them... i just can't imagine starting all over..

david finally went to the doctor about his feet.. he is having a hard time with his feet.. found out he has a lot of heal splints.. he gets his feet molded tomorrow for that... and will take him 3 weeks to get the insoles but i know when he does get them it will be so much better for him...

and my dawgs are doing really well this year. . and i like the stafford guy as a quarterback.. i think he is doing real well.. in the next years he is just going to get better... so looking forward to seeing him play more... do you hear that coach ??

YES tonight is the night for my love affair... Greys ANatomy comes on... i can't wait... i have been watching reruns since forever!!!! last night david had to work late and he came in and said that is a rerun... i said " well this is a good rerun, and guess what i am watching the best rerun in a long time" yeah i hate reruns but not on greys... so tonight i am watching greys while david is watching survivor and csi in the living room... i told him when i found out it was going to be on thursdays that i was going to watch it in the bedroom no matter what.. and i would see csi on the spike i don't get to watch ufc tonight either.. or at least i hope i don't..

so gotta go... trying to get rid of this headache i have had all day... took so much tylenol, i gotta find something stronger i guess..

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