Tuesday, October 17, 2006

gosh has it been that long

wow.. i can't believe i haven't posted in just about a month..sorry..things have been chaotic here.. school, work, kids, homework, cooking, cleaning, and moving things around.. i moved all my scrapbook stuff last week into the dining area..and wow what a difference more room makes.. i can see everything and it looks so much better.. now cole can be on the puter while i scrapbook.. it makes it so much better for all of us.. and jameson she can draw whenever she likes.. i think i ever might buy the kids play dough.. i just might..i think i will.. they can play while i scrapbook or on the puter.. now reagan has her own room now.. gonna get some baskets and store stuff in the little room now and all the dog stuff is there now.. i like it a whole lot better than the crate out near our eating table..

okay so i found this cool website for jk rowling the author of harry potter books and found it so fun... so check it out and i don't read harry potter books.. but i am really thinking about reading them and reading them to cole and jameson.. i know cole enjoys them..

friday we are going to the pumpkin patch when david gets off of work and i can't wait.. i have been working alot of hours lately and haven't got to do much with them so i am looking forward to picking out a pumpkin..

i am also gonna post some layouts i did last week too.. i know all of you guys love this stuff.ha ha ..

the one of cole is one of my favorites of him.. i forgot i had this photo so i went to walmart and got it enlarged and did this..

also before i go please pray that our dawgs get there act together before this weekends game..and next weeks game..last weekend was bad but this weekend what plain out stupid!!!!!

later dawgs...

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