Saturday, October 21, 2006

what is going on

so i got up this morning at 3:30 and i cannot go back to sleep.. i woke up to jameson crying.. saying "i want my daddy".. i think she was having a bad dream or something not sure but now i am wide awake... and cannot go back to sleep.. and i am going to the scrapbook store all day today for classes.. all day yes all day.. from 9 in the morning till 10 tonight.. maybe that is why i can't sleep cause i am so excited about getting some stuff done for christmas..

well we went out to the pumpkin patch and they were closed they are only opened on saturdays so i guess we will have to go next weekend hopefully... before the florida and ga game.. jamesons daycare is going in november and if we just can't go i think i might check him out of school that day and take him with us.. that is if we don't get a chance to go before then...

david killed 6 racoons the other night and now we have those nasty possumms.. so last night david came in my scrap room and said "cole you wannna see a possumm" cole says "yeah yeah" so he looks out the window and it is eating the cat food.. cole come back in my room and says "momma that is the ugliest thing i have ever saw" and then david got out the shotgun to kill it and david wanted cole to come out there with him and he said "no way i aint going out there with that thing"... david was trying to just do some guy stuff with him with the gun and teach him about guns at the same time but cole was so scared of the possumm he didn't want anything to do with david..

okay i HATE playdough i don't know why they make that stuff for kids.. it stinks too... so i did the dead and bought some for the kids.. jameson she made all kinds of stuff with the shapes and she was so proud that she made a starfish... wish i had my camera then .. and cole made a volcano.. which i have to say was very creative..

speaking of creative... cole has gotten the scrapbooking bug now.. last night i was getting my stuff together and he decides he is going to use my scraps to make his own scrapbook.. and i had some extra pictures so he started his own album... and i have to say he did a good job... gosh i hope he at least get that from me.. cause everything else is his daddy.. i mean everything...

okay enough for now
hope the dawgs do good today
they finally got smart and put stafford in as a starting quarterback YEAH!!!!!!!!

later dawgs

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