Monday, December 11, 2006

wow what a weekend

do you ever have those weird days when you wonder if this is really happening? well i did this weekend.. saturday heather graduated from college.. so proud of her she worked really hard.. but the traffic was horrible.. glad i rode with dad..

then sunday we were getting ready for cole's birthday party and there were brush fires all down next to the farm. david went out to check to see if it was anything to worry about and then he came back with a shovel and was putting out fires.. ( to bad he didn't have a firemans uniform on) i like firemen!! so i went out to check on him and ran back to the house and got a shovel to put out fires on the other side of the farm.. it was pretty bad stuff.. someone must of started those fires cause they were all down road.. i am just glad no one got hurt or there house caught on fire.. then after that we had coles birthday party.. had a great time. it was small and i enjoyed everyones company. cole got a lot of presents and all of them he is going to really enjoy. i gotta find something for all of his legos though some kind of storage unit for those.. any suggestions?

also jamesons play is going to be this weekend at unity church of god in a large sunday school room it is going to be at 5 o'clock. i know she would love for her family and friends to cheer her on when she sings christmas songs.. i can't wait to see it, they have been practing for a while now. and she sings all the songs in the car, i just hope she sings and doesn't go shy on us.. december 16 5 o'clock @ Unity church of god.. on sunset blvd.. there will be a birthday party after the play to celebrate Jesus birthday..

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