Saturday, October 28, 2006

it's raining it's pouring...

Thank goodness it is raining.. we really need the rain right now.. i know it is not the best time to rain but i will take it anyway i can.. you should see how low the pond is pretty low.. the geese can sit on the bank and not even be in the water.. i haven't seen that happen in quite a few years..

so thursday richard helped carve the pumpkin for the kids.. and it is a pretty pumpkin. he does a great job every year with the pumpkin.. i like the old school type pumpkin myself.. maybe that is because i didn't get to do that kind of stuff when i was a kid.. then lillian cooked a great dinner shrimp creole, and i really like it lillian so keep cooking it!!! i asked david to go get it so we could have it for dinner tonight.. then i went and scrapped at the store till midnight.. now i can't sleep so i thought i would post these pictures for everyone...

i made my christmas cards already and they will ready to mail around christmas time.. so now i need to do cole's birthday invitations.. and then onto other things i have to do during the christmas season..

so jameson is doing better.. thinking i might not need to take her out in this weather tomorrow.. so we will see what the weather is like to go to the pumpkin patch, she is dying to go to the pumpkin patch.. also the DAWGS play tomorrow and i got all the food to eat while i watch the game.. i just forgot the cocktails.. . but i didn't forget the black olives will probably need them for tomorrow.. i do have faith though..

later dawgs..

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