Friday, July 14, 2006

kind of busy this week

A good picture of cole...danielle was taking the kids to see Pirates of the Caribbean....such a good movie...and johnny depp..yum!!! can't get enough of him...such a great actor....i started watching him when he was on 21 jump street.. and have been a fan ever since...and he isn't that bad to look at either.... so i am looking forward to seeing it too... we might go this weekend to see it at the drive inn...

so we are going to have the yard sale next weekend..i think wendy has a lot of stuff to get rid of...
and she is moving closer to us now and i am really excited about that...get to see her a little more i hope...maybe we will have a BBQ fot them when they get settled in..

well gotta go do some more scrappin gotta enter a contest at my local scrapbook store.. hope i win...get a gift certificate for free stuff..

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