Wednesday, July 05, 2006

4th of july with the stricklands

i got up this morning wanting to check out the pictures christy and i took yesterday and wow they are really i know wendy reads it in the mornings so i am getting it on here so she can see some of them....had a blast at the beach yesterday ..did get a little sunburnt but other than that had a good time...met dads girlfried and she seemed nice..christy and hunter came with us yesterday...danielle and mark were there..and some of danielles friends dropped by for a little bit..rachael and ms jan came and it was a crowd..but a good was great to have david with me..usually he doesn't get to take a vacation during a holiday but somehow he felt like old times in a rv yesterday...when we were growing up that was our vacation to take a rv and camp at the beach...i miss those times..although we did play alot of cards when we were burnt or just didn't want to be outside...times have changed....but one thing hasn't and that is our family....and man is it many kids there yesterday...i think jameson and cole got a little jealous of dads girlfriend donnnas kids..i think it is stranger for them than it is for us....but we all have to accept change and i hope everyone else can too....

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