Monday, July 03, 2006

i got someone else that influenced my life

Influence could be the word for stacy but he was almost my big brother...he was my uncle but he was only 7 years older than me..i really miss him oh gosh i really do...i looked up to him.. and still i think about him hitting my leg when he heard a good song on the radio...or drinking pepsi like crazy..and if you don't know the stricklands don't drink pepsi!!!! i hate pepsi!!!but he always did...before daddy and sandy divorced we used to go camping in the summer time to ferndina and one year stacy and trish went with us..and i rode down with him and her to the beach in his car and he played this song for is called brickyard road by johnny zant (lynard skynard) and he was talking about his brother that was need to download the song...he said to me that song reminds me of your dad and me..i never understood what he meant by that song but i did fall in love with it..i have it on my ipod now....what stacy was saying was so many things to me..i think he knew he was dying and he wanted someone (me) to share with dad how he felt about my dad... so i did tell dad that..when that song comes on my ipod i STILL get chills...talking about mom and dad and how they are and it just completely reminds me of stacy...and to make this circle for me..stacy died on december the 7th.. a year before cole was born...cole's birthday is december the this a sign???? i don't know really...but sometimes i feel that it is..i wonder what his legacy would be if he lived a long life?? if his children would have a better life? i think they would...i wish things were different for him because he didn't deserve the pain and agony of the disease he had....i know he is up there with dale earnhart and all the georgia dawg fans cheering them here is to stacy and the life shortly lived...
i love you stacy for all the good times..... and the red slap marks too!!!!

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heather said...

Wow Tonya. You made me cry! Uncle Stacey.. He was something else.. And yes, I do believe that his children would've had a much better life. They deserved it too, but everything happens for a reason. I'm sure he is looking down on us laughing and having him a good ole time and ALWAYS cheering on the Dawgs!! Family- I wouldn't trade it for the world. LOVE YOU!!